Beard Oil-Dark & Brooding Premium Blend

Beard Oil-Dark & Brooding Premium Blend


All-natural & hand crafted beard oil that moisturizes and softens coarse facial hair and strengthens hair follicles while re-hydrating and nourishing the skin beneath your beard.

For a Magnificent Beard, trust Bearded Alchemist.

Dark & Brooding Blend Scent Profile:

Top Notes:

*Bergamot: (sweet citrus scent, refreshing, with floral, herbal undertones)
*Sweet Orange: (citrusy & sweet aroma)

Middle Notes:

*Cofea arabica: (rich aroma of dark roasted coffee)

Base Notes:

*Patchouli: (earthy, spicy, sweet aroma)



Beard Oil                                                                                                                                                                                   Beard Oil Dark & Brooding

Like the aroma of a freshly brewed dark cup of coffee surrounded by leather bound books inside a dimly lit library, that is the essence of Dark & Brooding beard oil. The strong and distinct scent of Coffee, combined with the dark & earthy redolence of Patchouli with hints of Bergamot and Sweet Orange, culminate together into this deep rich blend.

Our all-natural carrier oils complement the blend with benefits such as moisturizing and softening coarse facial hair, re-hydrating and nourishing the skin beneath your beard and strengthening hair follicles.

The true value is found within the management of itching, inflammation, and irritation associated with growing a beard while softening coarse facial hair. Promoting confidence in your appearance as well as pride in your beard is the mark of our brand which results in a healthy, well-groomed and magnificent beard for all.
We believe in being all inclusive and want our customers to feel free to be themselves while enjoying the benefits of our quality products.
Allergen Warning: Our products contain sources of tree nut oils. Test on small area first before full application.


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